Sunday, 24 July 2011


We are in Australia!!!

We arrived on the 18th after a pleasant passage form New Caledonia, mostls mellow with two days of 25-30 knots which made for fast sailing. We ended up sailing around Moreton Bay off brisbane for 24 hours since check in on a Sunday is $700 in overtime.

Jumping through hoops for the importation process and making a few changes to comply with Australian regulations. Also madly packing and cleaning and painting.

In a week we pick up a camper van for the trip down to Sydney and hopefully to see a bit of the countryside.


  1. Wow 25 knots - that's quick for a sailing boat isn't it? Are you all hanging off the side at that speed?

  2. Thinking of you all regularly. You are dearly missed and we have so enjoyed following your adventure. I made your easy-peasy salad dressing the other day and thought of you again. Waiting for your report on Sydney... love, Hotspur crew